Kairos is a system designed to eliminate viruses and bacteria present both on surfaces and in the air through automatic diffusion of vaporized oxygenated water Features

Why do we choose to sanitize with hydrogen peroxide?

IHydrogen peroxide, unlike other sanitizing systems on market, is the only one approved by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, recognized as effective for destroying viruses and is commonly used for sanitizing in the health sector.
 It is the method that guarantees the best performance and the least risks to people's health.

International legislation

Why is a scrupulous analysis of your spaces essential?

Emhealia is the only company on the market that accompanies its customers in a careful scientific study carried out ad hoc on the customer's spaces, such as the fluid dynamic evaluation of the diffusion, the detection of the times to achieve the reduction of viral and bacterial load, the decay time of the nebulised hydrogen peroxide with verification of the effectiveness of diffusion to ensure its safety.
Emhealia invests in research and makes use of accredited partners to guarantee you a simple and truly secure automated system.

Research and analysis

We really care about your safety

Few offer you our guarantees: sanitizing involves many risks, which can only be avoided with particular analyzes carried out in the field.
BE CAREFUL! Be wary of those who offer products without documented studies and adequate scientific support based on your specific needs. The quality and effectiveness of sanitation must always be certified and your safety guaranteed.

Scientific documentation

IOT (Internet Of Things) system, transparency and data that can be consulted in real time

We use advanced technologies to objectify product performance and share them with the public through reports that can be downloaded via QR code, data that is continuously updated automatically. The transparency and compliance of shared data is guaranteed by the use of blockchain technology and the related PDT (Performance Digital Traceability) certificate in collaboration with IQC.

Certifications and safety, the best guarantee for your protection

Kairos devices have the CE marking which guarantees safe and reliable operation.
But we didn't stop there, we worked to ensure the maximum guarantee of the entire sanitation process thanks to the detection of reliable data always available, in collaboration with partner companies such as IQC, NAIS Engineering and Alma Automotive.
This proudly makes Kairos the most reliable sanitation system on the market.

Kairos for the safe return to schools

Our work for the communities

The best product and the best services to ensure the certainty of the result, data that can be consulted in real time and the absolute safety of students, school staff and families.

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We collaborate effectively in different sectors


Swimming pools, gyms, spas


Multiplex, Theaters


Hotels, B&B


Buses, Trains

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Our commitment to a sustainable future

Zero waste and circular economy

Aion's refill system includes vials and transport containers made of the highest quality and reusable materials. The empty vials are returned, sanitized and refilled, without generating waste.


Maximum efficiency

The automatic system allows only the necessary quantity of disinfectant to be vaporized into the environment. An accurate and waste-free sanitization.


Engaging olfactory experiences

Multi-essence diffuser

The versatility of Kairos allows to dispense a selection of perfumed fragrances in collaboration with Olfattiva, to be alternated with sanitization to create ever new immersive experiences.


Technical partners